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ExperienceXcellence Summit & Awards '24

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled excellence, where the very fabric of customer engagement is woven with innovation, creativity, and boundless passion. At the ExperienceXcellence Summit & Awards, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey that will redefine the very essence of customer experience as we know it.


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


23rd August, '24

About the Summit

Step into a realm where the lines between imagination and reality blur, and where endless possibilities await your exploration. The ExperienceXcellence Summit is not merely an event; it's a catalyst for transformative change. From the mesmerizing allure of our keynote addresses to the dynamic exchange of ideas in our interactive workshops and the illuminating discussions of our thought-provoking panel sessions, every moment is meticulously curated to ignite your imagination and equip you with the tools necessary to revolutionize customer engagement.

Join us as we delve deep into the heart of innovation, uncovering new horizons and forging pathways to unprecedented success. The ExperienceXcellence Summit & Awards is more than just an occasion—it's an invitation to shape the future of customer experience, one extraordinary moment at a time.

Our Industry Experts

Archana Sinha

CX Lead for Home Business

Keshav Rao Evani

President - Digital Banking

Jyoti Arora

Head of Customer Experience

Ramit Mahajan

Head Customer Experience IMEA | Supply Chain Enablement IMEA| Supply Chain Indian Subcontinent

Suraj Shetty

Head of Customer Experience & Learning Development


Who will attend?

Chief Customer Officers (CCOs)
Customer Experience Officers (CXOs)
Customer Experience Managers
Customer Experience Directors
Marketing Directors
Sales Directors
Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs)
Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
Innovation Managers
Customer Service Directors
Market Research Analysts
Business Development Managers
Human Resources (HR) Managers
Operations Managers
Retail Managers
Operations Managers
E-commerce Managers
Primarily focuses on the following sectors:

Customer Experience (CX)

Innovation and Technology

Marketing and Sales

Retail and E-commerce

Service Industry

Product Development

Why should you submit a nomination for awards?

Elevate Your Recognition

Secure a chance to gain acknowledgment for your accomplishments, distinguishing yourself within your industry.

Boost Visibility and Credibility

Enhance your presence and credibility within your field, making your contributions and expertise more widely recognized.

Showcase Your Achievements

Seize the opportunity to showcase your successes and innovations, highlighting your impact and contributions to your organization and industry.

Stand Out Among Peers

Rise above your peers and competitors, establishing yourself as a leader and innovator in your field.

Inspire and Motivate Others

Lead by example and inspire others to strive for excellence in their own careers & endeavors, fostering a culture of continuous improvement & innovation within your industry.
Awards & Categories

Organizational Level:

Overall Excellence in Customer Experience
Innovation in Customer Engagement
Best Use of Technology in Customer Service
Omnichannel Experience Excellence
Customer-Centric Culture Award
Social Responsibility in Customer Engagement
Brand Loyalty and Advocacy Award
Excellence in Personalization
Customer Satisfaction Achievement
Customer Retention Excellence
Excellence in Complaint Handling and Resolution
Best Community Engagement Initiative
Employee Engagement in Customer Service
Excellence in Product/Service Innovation
Excellence in Crisis Management and Customer Support
Individual Level:

CX Leader of the Year
Innovator of the Year
Customer Service Champion
CX Professional of the Year
Rising Star in Customer Engagement
Lifetime Achievement in Customer Experience
Most Inspirational CX Leader
Innovator in Emerging Technologies
Most Dedicated Customer Advocate
CX Team Leader of the Year Award
Excellence in Employee Training and Development
Most Creative Problem-Solver in Customer Service
Outstanding Contribution to CX Strategy
Excellence in Customer Feedback Management
Leader in Cultural Transformation for Customer-Centricity


1st Early Bird

₹ 10,000 + G.S.T

Award Nomination Fees

₹ 5,000 + G.S.T

2nd Early Bird

₹ 12,500 + G.S.T

Award Nomination Fees

₹ 5,000 + G.S.T

Standard Rate

₹ 15,000 + G.S.T

Award Nomination Fees

₹ 5,000 + G.S.T

Direction for the Event Venue


Hilton Mumbai International Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Int'l Airport Rd, Ashok Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099.