Virtual Masterclass Strategies for Purchase Negotiations

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  • Wednesday-Thursday June 19-20, 2024
  • Virtual Masterclass
  • +91 98190 20274 / 97735 01525

In today's dynamic business landscape, procurement negotiations often fall into the trap of short-term cost reduction. However, our masterclass aims to redefine this paradigm by focusing on strategic negotiation approaches that promise enduring benefits for your organization. This event is set to revolutionize your approach to procurement.

Topics to be covered in this Master Class

(A) Opening the Door to Negotiations
(B) Navigating the Kraljic Matrix
(C) Deciphering "What Suppliers Think of You?"
(D) Crafting Strategic Negotiation Blueprints
(E) Exploring the Symphony of Negotiation Styles
(F) From Adversarial to Partnership: Navigating Negotiation Dynamics
And Many More...

By the conclusion of this masterclass, you will achieve proficiency in:

A) Recognizing and delineating between adversarial and partnership negotiation methodologies.
B) Harnessing the strategic advantages offered by the Kraljic Matrix and the "What Suppliers Think of You?" Matrix.
C) Formulating negotiation strategies deeply embedded in these matrices to maximize outcomes.
D) Identifying and effectively countering prevalent negotiating tactics.
E) Efficiently utilizing RFQ as a tool to streamline negotiations and save time.
F) Implementing the "Negotiations Planning Sheet" to meticulously prepare for negotiations.
G) Conducting comprehensive evaluations of negotiations with suppliers to drive continuous improvement.

Masterclass Expertise

Get trained by the best Mentor in the industry: Dinesh Divekar,, a renowned Business Mentor, Consultant & Trainer

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